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Welcome to Dri-It

Dri-It - the new generation of moisture, humidity control and mold prevention! Dri-It comes in a variety of packaging and sizes to promote the elimination of mildew, control mold, rust, corrosion and odors, and prevent other harmful effects of moisture.

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Dri-It allows water vapor to easily enter the desiccant bag, where it is transformed into a thick gel. The gel is then contained within the pouch, avoiding messy spills and leakage. Compare Dri-It with our competitors to see how exceptionally well Dri-It out-performs them all!

The question is often asked: "Where and how in the world would I use this humidity absorber?" Answer? Everywhere humidity may be a problem! For example, Storage Units, Boats, RV's, Camping Equipment, Automobiles & Other household applications that attract moisture and musty odors!

Keep your valuables safe

Dri-It creates healthier indoor air and eliminates musty odors caused by moisture. Dri-It protects against moisture damage and prevents mold and mildew stains on your valuable property.

Click HERE for suggested uses and directions for our Dri-It Humidity Absorber.

Easy to use

Dri-It wages a pre-emptive strike against mold and other moisture damage by controlling the relative humidity level in an enclosed area keeping valuables like clothing, furniture, boats, RV's, automobiles and carpeting safe and dry.

Nothing works better

Dri-It is capable of absorbing more than 300 percent of its weight in moisture. While other moisture absorbing products turn humidity into a spillable, potentially damaging liquid, Dri-It's innovative design allows water vapor to easily enter the interior of the pouch, where it is transformed into a thick gel that will not leak or escape.


First time hearing of Dri-It Moisture Absorber?

No matter what other moisture absorber companies may tell you - NOTHING works better, faster, or safer than Dri-It. In fact, Dri-It has been shown to out perform the competition in keeping your valuables safe, fresh and dry. If you have questions, please feel free to call us at 855-953-7448. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


"Before using Dri-It, there was a musty smell in my closets at home. I also noticed musty odors in the kids rooms as well as other areas throughout the house. After using Dri-It, all my problems have been completely eliminated. This stuff works GREAT!" Steve W., Miami, Florida

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please use our Contact form or
see our additional contact information below.

Corporate Office: Dri-It, Inc. PO Box 1111 Cedar Park, TX 78630

Wholesale and Shipping Information: (855) 95-DRI-IT (855-953-7448)

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Dri-It... keeping the world dry, one bag at a time.

Contact Info

Dri-It, Inc.
PO Box 1111
Cedar Park, TX 78630


Phone: (855) 953-7448